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Innovatum - the world's most experienced supplier of magnetic submarine cable & pipeline detection systems

Innovatum Reference Manuals

These manuals offer in-depth technical information about Innovatum systems and software and explain the principles of operation.

Click to openManual Section 0-1-Company Profile
Information about Innovatum products, services, personnel and capabilities.
Click to openManual Section 2- Theory of Operation
The theory behind Innovatum's magnetic submarine cable and pipeline survey systems.
Click to openManual Section 4-1- Smartrak Description & Installation
Smartrak system components, instructions on mounting system and guide to signal wiring.
Click to openManual Section 4-2- Smartrak Operations
Guide to using the Smartrak system and software.
Click to openManual Section 5- Smartsearch
System components, instructions on array mounting, power and signal wiring, software usage.
Click to openManual Section 7- Tone Generators
Instructions for use of TG-10 UK Tone Generator for A.C. tone tracking.
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