Increased demand for magnetising of subsea cable

INNOVATUM's pre-lay magnetisation of subsea cable is becoming an essential part of the "go to" solution for achieving verified Depth of Bury survey results for windfarm and telecommunications cables.

Increased Demand For Magnetising Of Subsea Cable

INNOVATUM's magnetisation service for subsea cables is seeing a further surge in demand since July 2018, and is on course to significantly excede the forecast number and length of various cables to be magnetised in 2018

Innovatum's controlled magnetisation process imprints a magnetically similar signal onto the entire length of the cable, producing steady, repeatable data. This facilitates the detection of the cable by the Innovatum SMARTRAK cable tracking system when deployed to perform the post - lay Dept of Bury survey. Each cable has a unique magnetic signature, which lasts the life time of the cable.