Magnetic mapping survey system

Innovatum SMARTSEARCH is a underwater survey system providing highly detailed magnetic mapping, both in marine and land environments. SMARTSEARCH consists of an array of magnetic gradiometers sensors mounted to a frame, which can be mounted onto a ROV, or towed sled.

SMARTSEARCH is capable of carrying out a survey at up to 4 knots, and a data point acquired on each sensor from 1 to 15 times per second. SMARTSEACH logs the data to an ascii file which can easily be imported to any 3rd party visualisation software.


  • Magnetic debris searches
  • Cable and Pipeline route clearances
  • Munitions / UXO location
  • Cable and Pipe positioning
  • Wreck location
  • Archaeological survey.


  • Measures real-time vertical magnetic field gradients
  • Real time horizontal positioning
  • Data output for survey and auto controls
  • Interfaced Altimeter
  • Up to 15hz measurement rate, user selection
  • Sensitivity 1nT/ft
  • From 2 to 12 sensors, variable spacing
  • Depth ratings of 1000m and 3000m
  • Hydraulic folding ROV frame available.


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