Submarine cable tracking & depth of burial survey system

Innovatum SMARTRAK is an ever evolving product line of submarine cable and pipeline location, tracking and survey tools. It offers passive magnetic, active AC and active DC tracking techniques in a single unit allowing the user to change modes at the push of a button rather than a lengthy re-configuration.

Innovatum SMARTRAK is designed to be fitted to ROVs, AUVs, Towed Bodies and Surface Vessels. The system is compact but performance has not been compromised and these units show much greater accuracy and stability than previous magnetic tracking tools.


  • Real time Horizontal & Vertical position
  • Data output for survey and auto controls
  • Vehicle Heading Sensor
  • Vehicle Attitude Sensor
  • Interfaced Altimeter
  • Pressure (depth) sensing option

Tracking Modes

  • Passive Magnetic
  • Active AC “Tone”
  • Active DC


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