Submarine Cable Magnetising Service

Innovatum's unique Submarine Cable Magnetising Service has been developed to place specific magnetic fields onto submarine cable and pipelines in order to make them more visible to Innovatums Smatrak survey system.

During the magnetisation process both the distance the cable has travelled and the magnetic field which has been impressed on it are logged by the dedicated Innovatum cable magnetising system. This provides a record for the client and importantly for surveyors who may subsequently need to survey the cables.

The cable magnetising service can be carried out during the cable manufacturing process, especially for smaller diameter telecoms cable.

For larger submarine power cables the magnetising process can be carried out either onshore during the cable vessel loading period. Or offshore on the cable lay vessel during the cable lay process.


Benefits when using Innovatum Smartrak Survey System

  • Increases vertical tracking range by 500%
  • Magnetic field lasts life of the cable
  • Allows dead or live cables to be tracked
  • Cables can remain in service
  • Increases tracking accuracy

Products that can be Magnetised

  • Power cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Seismic cables
  • Flexible Flowlines
  • Pipelines


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