Innovatum is on target to magnetise 900km of subsea cable since the beginning of 2018

Innovatum has magnetised 80% more subsea cable in the first six months of 2018, than in the whole of 2017.

Innovatum Is On Target

This is also the largest kilometerage of cable that has been magnetised in any year since the first commercial cable magnetisations by Innovatum, in 2000.

Magnetisation of subsea cables is a process that is applied to cables, pre-lay by Innovaum, most commonly during load out onto the cable lay vessel.

Innovatum provides cable magnetisation as an add-on service, to cable manufacturers; installers and offshore installation owners as an "insurance".The process facilitiates any subsequent requirement to survey / locate unpowered cable, post installation, using Innovatum's compact cable and pipeline tracking system, SMARTRAK. This is potentially a great time saver, as subsea cable incidents are the largest cause of losses in the offshore wind industry according to research by industry underwriters.

The magnetising process organizes the magnetic field of cables with ferrous content, to give each cable a unique, magnetic signature, which lasts for the life time of the cable. The magnetic field of each cable is made more "visible" to the Innovatum Smartrak cable and pipeline tracking system. This allows detection of magnetised, buried cable by Smartrak at greater depth of burial. The process can also be applied to pipelines with ferrous strength members.