Innovatum Worldwide Submarine Cable Magnetising

Innovatum engineers have started the year by successfully completing a number of key Offshore Windfarm Subsea Cable Magnetising projects. The projects were in Europe and East Asia and due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic required a fully flexible approach along with full compliance with relevant UK, local testing and quarantine requirements.


Cable magnetising is a unique service, carried out exclusively by Innovatum, to subsea cables with ferrous content.

A major benefit is that the process "organizes" the magnetic field of each cable increasing its detectability by Innovatum's Smartrak survey system.

Innovatum Smartrak survey systems will be utilised on these projects for Cable Tracking and Depth of Burial, working in passive magnetic mode during and after the cables have been installed.

Chris Rayner stated, these projects are great examples of how Innovatums fully flexible approach enables us to continue to provide key services across worldwide windfarm projects, during the ongoing challenges of the Global Covid-19 pandemic.